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cially those in which hysteria is a well marked symptom and
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terized by specific intestinal lesions similar to those
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read it they learn to take an interest and to feel more
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capable of carrying out assigned problems in bacteriological and serological research.
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assumption. In courts of law it has been maintained that corpses may
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Jacobs and which had led him to resort to two of the
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spective bacilli. Certain of the symptoms following the absorption of the tox
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other cases of a similar but not so well marked charac
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begins in early life may cause deformities of the vertebral column with
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who had not left Paris. M. Bretonneau has found that a
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ably owing to the stenosis or obliteration of the vessels in the foramina.
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their etymology is studied mean the same thing as far as their derivation
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formulated that proposes that the ingestion of alcohol
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based on animal experimentation. Although several notable ad
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dition of the patient. In a chronic arthritis with firm exudation vigorous
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He was to take from the brook which ran through his native farm
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Treatment of Gangrenous Intestine in Strangidated Hernia.
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mortem. Tlie surgical rule should be to have a large bony
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very intelligent lady came to me who had been told when
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masses with some friable matter of a calcareous appearance inter
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ception that before a bacterial intoxication can take place a definite
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tion. The object of Ihe writer is to oiFer some comments
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Dr Hamilton here showed on the bony pelvis the course taken by
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stated that three weeks ago she had a stroke and fell down
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part in the reaction of the earliest hours after an infection of the
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In children when this affection runs an unfavourable course
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with sugar and saline solutions there is no sensation of taste
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which eventually produce gastrectacia may exist for a
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his attention. Headache was constant day and night it
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their etiology but also by the effects of treatment.
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bits of tissue till diabetes resulted. Comparisons were made between
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sights and entire prostration even the power of speech was lost
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or causes from whence it proceeds to know the remedies which
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tains a highly poisonous group and that animals treated withi
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exempt from the liability to attacks of acute rheumatism.
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action. It has been justified not only by the needs
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manifestations than would be given by a wound which
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They resembled urticarial wheals more than subcutaneous rheumatic
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blood was chocolate colored and examination showed the presence
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points being to tear nothing and to bring up and separate
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material for this study has not been limited to persons of any one
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dried state maintain their virulence for years we can appreciate the danger from
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ditiou of the uterus of the woman whose remains were foimd i.e.