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tubercles. — (Recherches, &c., p. 205.) As, how-

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reported by Dr. F. W. Samuel in the Louisville Monthly

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of so much trouble is starch in its various forms. Although

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soldiers suffer greatly in Florida from the climate, and many die. — In the

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veins, finding the cavity already filled, sets back, causing

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is to say, the patient slowly extends or flexes one or more

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ard of excellence, as set forth in the first volume,

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in front, outside the vulva, where the ends of the suture are twisted

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held in suspension in a gummy or albuminous vehicle.

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to carbonates) are thrown out about the joint, in some but not in

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coagulation of milk in the sense in which it was first used by Halliburton (11), namely,

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the do6lrinc of the ikull, and organs of the brain ; or what, to ufe

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I have mentioned, perfect rest to the part inflamed. The ver-

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totic to the axis of the time. But we have already stated, in a former

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Sanitary Law, Sanitary Engineering, Vital .Statistics, and other

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Soon after coming under treatment the bowels became

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not necessarily mean that this evolution will not be

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limited extent downwards. This was accordingly taken to be the lower or distal

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It was now closed by a continuous over and over su-

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began. The vomiting was projectile in character, and

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neck, powders containing calomel gr.j and Dover's powder gr.j

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vary, the need for it and dependence upon it is imperative

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arrive, which you have secured for us, we will be able to carry out the bathing

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one candidate. From another source I learn that this

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of the great unhealthfulness of the exhalations arising from this kind of re-

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tient died on the nineteenth day. M. Fricke is said to have

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Caley (H. A.,M.D.), a case of pulmonary fibrosis associated

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When Brown-Sequard first announced the discovery or

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than fifty cases of insanity, formulated the following conclusions : (i,)

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for the governor, for, as far as known, the surgeon is not

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of turpentine as is prescribed for man. And it is judiciously

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lumen of the intestine has been obliterated, leakage

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oovering over a palpable violation of our laws, during the time he was

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are often painful. Let such rise and chafe the body and ex-

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adopted by Mohammed, and are consequently in force, as are also those regula-

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blood corpuscles they had resulted. Then if the circumstances, such as

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To '6d Inquiry — In removing foreign bodies from the knee-joint,

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Distoma ophthalmobium has been found in the eye of a child

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general infections. The provoking microorganism, aside from the

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them, and in the right side of the heait. The brain

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had entirely disappeared. No drugs given. From clinical