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The female measures 45 to 50 millimetres in length. The ova are
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hend the reasoning, he may be advised that on account of things unusual
malady, such as the disproportion in size or length of the relative organs, and
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279. — Chaput & Onilleniot (A.) Kyste 6pidermique
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Charvot, Etude clin. sur I'orchite paludeenne. Rev. de m^d. 8, 1888.
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cause in each case must be removed rather than the symptoms
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the Eustachian tubes. I have never seen a case of ear
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paniments, if perhaps by marking them, and being through
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multicentric in origin. The disease was more common
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thing, I believe, now to have a case of erysipelas in wounds made by
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Seidlitz Powder, in one bottle. Note. — The powders are all to
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countered in cholecystitis, be they mild or severe,
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becoming known that a very large proportion of all dairy
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memberships on boards of all kinds. At the University
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numbers ; when large they are usually sohtary, and more or less com-
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every reason to admit the existence of two forms of megrim, an
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by experience, with much smaller quantities. The method of
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* De mutationibus iigiirai pelvis, priEsertim i is,
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To Lessen Consumption. — Dr. S. G. Bonney suggests :
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tilation may advantageously supersede cotton and other impermeable applica-
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good effect ; but, on the other hand, it has proved
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Association ; Member de la Societe Internationale de
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difticult. It would seem by this time that we ought to
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in which it was not indicated and for the relief of
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the patients sent back to the rear in view of probable contingencies ; and the
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In the county jail, each prisoner enjoyed in his cell
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re much injected, and the pupils dilated. There was also great dimness of
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a perfect, though temporary, frenzy or insanity, usually de-
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of the products of metabolism in muscle being removed by the lymphatic
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one will readily understand who knows from his own experience
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of caution which he displayed whilst in attendance on a case
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lowness of their atmosphere, and admiring the beauty of their sky, may
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scopist of any note has verified them. Niemeyer, in the later, as in
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In 53 per cent, the pneumococcus was present alone.
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being no safe sign that the patient is likely to continue in health.
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increased possibilities of surgical action resulting from
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or prevent any infectious disease simply by treating it. Then the ques-
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and this worst eye was first cured. Transparency was resto-
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35. Tumours, Fibroid, of Neck .ind Face, after Operation for. Case of.
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an application to the vaccine institution in England