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a useful preparation for general apolication in inflammations

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walls are thin. As the enlargernent proceeds it constitutes a palpable

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1759. We cannot guard with too much care, the diet and

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came into the New York Hospital with epitheliomatous

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enhance the anesthesia, and constriction greatly assists

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boring cavities, and not to the mucous membrane of the

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have developed no menstrual disorder, seem to resist such troubles

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son to believe that pus is not present when it is. In a

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monly recognised nervous symptoms occurring under circum-

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Peripheral Neuritis. — It has long been known that nerve-trunks are

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causes were present — bad air, poor diet, heredity, etc.

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influence of the anesthetic. (7) Normal blood-sugar

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an aid to muscular development, or as a lure to out-door life.

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ticularly instructive in the incipient stage at arteriosclerosis

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would be noticed at one pole and a salt taste at the other. It

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and, (5) the fifth the stage of retrogression, have nothing to do with the

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been thought by imbibition and absorption, &c. through the chorion,

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Treatment. — In order to cure neuralgia we must endeavour, if

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other function to whose due action the process of blood-

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not exist on a previous examination. As it is generally in cases of rheu-

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advocating local treatment of diphtheria, stating that we have several

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leaving the weakest ones of the litter to complete the drying off.

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pages on the auscultation of the cough, and it is especially in

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pathological condition is a vitiated nutrition. The causes should be

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of the tunics or total gangrene of the organ. In other cases there may

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seat is in the interior of the nose ; the destruction results

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dition of the arms corresponded to that of the legs.

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freer atmosphere which belongs to the voluntary' hospital

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could be entertained. A further similar swelling, though

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HOOD; being the Lumleian Lectures delivered at the Royal College of Physicians of Lon-

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possible in flour ; at present the relative degrees of absorption

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W. I. B., dentist, thirty-five years of age, of Ithaca, N.