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arranged circularly about a central lumen. This is either large or
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skin from its oily adhesion by washing it copiously in rose-
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easiest cases it is a severe and prolonged one, any steps are desirable
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instrument or other means, with intent thereby to destroy
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It is clear, then, that should there be any material change in the results
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toms after satisfactory clearing of the intestine has been
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peutics rests upon pharmacology — part of the great
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ment can apply only to small substances, for. if large and
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up in your text-books until you become perfectly familiar with
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with fat in certain cases of diabetes with coma. They advanced the view
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in the pupil. A view of the fundus could he obtained, and
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nistic Muscles," Proc. Royal Soc. vol. xxxv. 1893. 26. Idem. "On Reciprocal
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in Bacteriology," with demonstrations. The fermenta-
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loosening the lips. We should expect that these move-
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titioners who are an ornament to the cause and an honour to themselv s.
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cision was made in the uterus five and one-half inches
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is a deformation of the electrocardiogram, and as this condition may
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perfectly accurate designation of the l)ruit in question, and in
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hypersmia of more than ordinary extent, if occurring near the surface of
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in the past, we shall have the humiliation of still receiv-
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if the practitioner be a skilful operator, it will be
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the right ureter ligated about 5 centimeters from the pelvis of the
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able time become highly proficient and can see shades and tints that
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duce his intake of food 44 per cent, and still survive.
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And what does the law in France do, or can it do, to
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Figure 4.— The graph shows the chronic rheumatic heart disease
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But it is rather the lighter shades of variation in the normal percussion
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At the end of this time the bath should be repeated, and the
caustic soda, cast in thin shells so as to expose a large surface to the
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careful investigation, that records had been kept by three different 'congreggatioos
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to twelve hours before the subsequent paroxysm) : The organisms
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after preliminary incision, 71 were cured, 25 bene-
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of acute alcoholism. They claim that the drug not only diminishes
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ficient practice. This will be apparent from a mere inspection of the
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case of a gentleman, seventy- four years of age, who, while rid-
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cases and different paroxysms in the same case, differ much as regards the
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eral sanitary policing, which, according to our present
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as possible of our author's opinions and discoveries, (?) we
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bered that Homoeopathy being still a new practice, is very little known,
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from their use. It is doubtless highly important to remove any matter
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thereof in this Society provided, however, that each
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accessory sinuses (mastoids, ethmoids, frontals and antri) and
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tioned period, I found she was troubled with cough,
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Experiment 1. — January 27 : Injected three fluid drachms of
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vertical fegments ; no fcyle, ftlgma plane expanded, radiating