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patella. Violence of the same nature can determine a solution of
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Homoeopathic Medical Society at its annual meeting, January 4, 1912.
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oping in an old scar or at the base of a chronic gastric ulcer.
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gonococcus, bacillus tuberculosis, bacillus coli communis,
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of his intention to endeavor to introduce it as a routine treat-
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of bacteria. A few hyaline casts or fine granular casts without
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from a humanitarian standpoint. It must command re-
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practiced, and that which some official representatives of his fol-
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patient. Use it with your other remedies as a part of your treat-
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first step toward the formulation of a working basis for our theory.
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mouths of all others, some of whom know very little about it. It is contrary to all common
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University, New York, and T. Mitchell Prudden, M.D., LL.D. Emeritus
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An interesting feature of the evening was that instituted b}^ the President,
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with the election to the Registrar of the College within six (6) days from the time appointed
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a necessity for all, while a smaller number consider the more theoretical
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pervasive, persuasive and encouraging ; that he was keen-sighted,
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session was unquestionably of high scientific value.
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to the location of the growth. If a motor zone be involved then
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Anatomical Diagnosis. — Osteitis deformans of calvarium ( Paget' s dis-
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duty it shall be to consider such means as will tend to create a uniform standard in the
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only and preferably to be typewritten — personal and news items should be sent to The New
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greatest importance in dealing with cancer of the mammary gland.
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Homoeopaths, great and small, may come and go; societies
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enjoying a considerable degree of popularity, as it seems to de-
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Often occurring, or long continued hypertension may be a
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reaction before and after the treatment, the skillful technic in
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recognized by the law of the land as well qualified. So far as the opportunities for securing
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Case XXXIV, a man, eighty, without psychosis, showed at
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the second toe were entirely gone, and at the end of eight weeks
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Dr. Bray — I think Dr. Hanly is right ; the prosecutor was ordered to prepare a
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by the use of the ophthalmoscope, to see continuously and in
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going to say. Mr, Wasson was appointed at $600.00, and his instructions were to bring all
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last elections ; it was very imperfect at that time, and it is much more so now. The date of the
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both gave excellent addresses. The meeting was attended by the largest num-
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nervous and mental diseases, but also for toxic states, fevers and
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$300,000, for the purpose of erecting a large hospital for their fellow
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the great body of scientific men who today constitute the medical
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The Medical Councils of Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and
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matriculate ; and that requirement remains in force at present. I think a very great deal
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