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prevents waste of albumin in metabolism. These qualities impart to

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A large number of acute and chronic affections are supposed to

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onset of small-x30x to a myositis afi'ecting the dorsal and lumbar mus-

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are fearfully fretted and annoyed by needlessly harsh and cruel

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may arise in the course of many ailments. It essentially consists in

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and extension. The phalangeal skin is thin and drawn down over

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different classes of cases to deal with — those in which the chorea

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continue to grouj^ them among the muscular diseases.

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break up and are replaced by embryonal forms ; the marginal struc-

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usual to experience intermittent attacks of articular inflammation ; but

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most common cause of sore throat, however, is the sudden taking of a

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several years. In general, the symptoms are similar to cystitis,

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of diabetes from one uniform standpoint, A'iz., that an alteration of

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The blood corpuscles have great affinity for oxygen and are able

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grouped together in common envelopes. Previous observers had

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the essential symptoms of the disease during whose course they occur.

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occurs in connection with one or both the other forms of disease," i.e.,

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Lastly, has the kidney an internal secretion in the sense in which we

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meats and eggs are essentially protein, milk is moderately so, cream much

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chloride. The first few drops of ferric chloride throw down a dirty

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When the fracture is compound, that is complicated by an external

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stitute the most formidable complication of that disease. There is

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are sometimes associated in a family, and it is difficult to reconcile

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often visiting it during the lecture season, and attend

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lar organ in the body, and weighs in the adult three or four pounds.

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singers, teachers, actors, auctioneers and many others.

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question, the diagnosis of the true nature of the secondary chronic

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occurring under the three forms of endocarditis, pericarditis, and

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furnishes no data upon which we can base a prognosis or judge of the

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taint the air with sickening odors. If thev enter your home for only

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relieved from a portion of his labors in 1876 by Dr.