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one has a population of persons, and other ei^ht of 500 persons. Mr.
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population, and instances the opposition to the introduction
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burton Home, M.D., F.R.C.S.Ed., Surgeon to the Royal
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positive result respectively, they went on to the txamination
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Leprosy Fund would publish the report o£ their Commission as early as
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well fancied he saw the barometer stand at 7 inches, equiva-
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considerable size. It has been suggested by Mr. Shattock
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Presu/ent's Annua! Address. — The President then shortly
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than to the handling of tlie damp materi,^l, many of the
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the specific gravity falls, and under these eh-cumstanees, as
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formed matter, from " cytoblastema,' there was opened up
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"inquire into and report upon the best means of instruct-
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forms of it "actions." While Glisson defined all "actio
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vaccination and contagion in their relation to leprosy have
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shire Light Infantry; Surgeon-Lieutenant R. Cowan-Lees, M.B., 1st
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lished. I need not weary you with instances of how scientific
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freely open by means of small doses of magn. sulph. given
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had I seen the practice recommended by anyone. But it had
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is therefore hardly pardonable, and serves to remind English
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Anaesthetist. Applications to J. Francis Pink, Secretary, bv
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already been placed pretty fully before the profession ; the
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Cliniques. [The Pathology of the Emotions: Physiological
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liberal view of the duties pei'formed by the medical officers.
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called on to provide the other moiety only. If under such
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it is the veins where the clotting is most intense. This has been very
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bottle in the manner indicated. An important point is to let the child
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House Surgeon to the London Temperance Hospital, Hampstead
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be>ond dulness and flattening remained. Tnat was in 1^76, and since
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George Buchanan's report on the subject in the supplement
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two cases of exophthalmic goitre under my care, in one of
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Dr. Matthews considered +1:at site and surroundings
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tion lecturer, with his indictment of the medical profession,
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obtained better attention for the sick poor, and they believed
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chloride combined with nuclein, pepsin, albumose, or pyo-
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In order to show clearly the effect of the locality, an investi-
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ted she barked like a dog, and rubbed and scratched herself
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The efl'ect of compressed air at this moderate jiressure on
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Orderlies, April .30th, 1878 ; Quartermaster Medical Department, July 1st,