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thelial lining, Dr. Graefe accepts Winckle's suggestion, that they may be

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the different countries are described with illustrations. The

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faeces, and parts of infected dead bodies. The inoculation

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former having a cellular structure, the latter being entirely

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steps in, and thus it is we now stand and look across vast sunless plains,

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with the cathode or negative pole of the apparatus, and be placed

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draw it. Tie firmly by surgeon's knot, cut the thread short,

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duum, owing doubtless to some existing impurity in one or other of the ingre-

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spheres and their consequent paralysis, but (from the anastomosis of

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of his long service he was taken back at reduced wages. However,

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other inaccuracies contained in Dr. Gibney's i^a^^ier.

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crowding is as dangerous fur cities as it is for tenement houses, from a

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treated in the same way do not give the double-stained picture. B.

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necessary to consider how food may be given without causing

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this trouble and have always been successful. It is good prac-

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who shows as great predilection for arterial degeneration

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develop slowly in the order named, compression is likely. It has been a.--

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The fact that the lesions are conmionly detectable in the suprascapular fossa

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the second patient 5 feet of small bowel had "passed behind the

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permit. The hospital is especially intended for children with

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Gombault's periaxial neuritis is probably an early stage of Wallerian degenera-

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face, arms, and legs, is fairly equal on both sides, though the left

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cine, surgery, and pharmacy ; be it therefore enacted, etc.

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kalies to neutralize or to reduce the gastric acidity.

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you to visit exhibit booth No. 18. He is entirely familiar

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the atrophic spots are the most common features ; the ulcerations, prob-

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Interlobar emphysema may occur. In rare instances caseation of a

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The quantities are expressed much more simply m the Metric

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It is true that Welch, consulting physician of the Philadelphia

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importance. As the report will be general in character,

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compression, (vi.) The major symptoms of compression are produced by

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(Ann.a'IIy!^., 1881, tome v, p. 17; Gaz. Mid. de Paris,

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changes of senility, such as atheroma of the cerebral blood-vessels, are