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available in two strengths equivalent to either 250 mg. or 500 mg.
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From Report of the Coordinator, George H. O’ Kane, M.D.
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would establish the existence of a dislocation as the cause of the depres-
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Please mention Illinois Medical Journal when writing to advertisers
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1. Long, A. P., and Sartwell, M. D.: Bull. U.S. Army
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49. Dimitroff, S. P., Griffith, G. C., Thorner, M. C., and
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appeared but was controlled with 500 mg. of procaine
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All other tests for bleeding diathesis were normal.
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9 :50 — “Allergy in General Practice.” — Samuel
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Licensed and fully equipped for the treatment of nervous,
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you will find a highly effective remedial agent in ENDOTHYRIN.
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The strength of the patient, as also the uterine contractions,
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cellent condition. $375.00 Box 270 N. Y. St. Jr. Med.
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School, “Preventive Aspects of Rheumatic Fever”;
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James J. Xickson, M.D., X”ew A^ork City, Attending Radiotherapist,