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where tl»e bulging existed, being five and one-quarter
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weeks after, vaccination. Either one or (better) two vaccines
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tery /ro/r^ wllliin the aneurismal sac. With this view, be
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during the patient's life; should these be absent there are
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Surgeons. We know the difficulty in many of the cases of
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quently present, and there is often gurgling in the right iliac
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stone ; but in England, oaken planks laid crosswise were
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to rub over the part a small portion of mercurial ointment with extract
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series of analyses in our cases. In a number of cases quantitative anal-
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more sense than to do a thing like that; but, Dr. Thompson, I want to
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proportion of the cases, earlier or later, has given it the appellation
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loose or liquid evacuation. In healthy people, who have taken this product
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They present a more or less regular course, straight or nearly straight or with
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this issue. Truly the editors and publishers deserve great praise
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trating the efficacy of his treatment. In the early acute
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seventh annual meeting of this Association will be held at Mil-
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gangrenous perforation need no consideration at our hands,
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The Wassermann reaction carried out according to the method
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old temple hospitals in Egypt and we recognize their
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in the hand, and stirring the fluid constantly until the mercury commences to ascend,
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the throat, and kept tin- room full of lime-water vapor
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— Dr. a. Jacobi offered the following resolution, which
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already described. The incision of the peritoneum gave