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Postponing for a short time the more critical exami-
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planes of the pelvis ; at the brim and complicated by a moderate
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tutions where cholera is epidemic, nurses are no more
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wards, the foot rested on the inqer half of the sole, and she was slightly
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that has been ever the same ; and yet there is no evidence that
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surface is covered with the efflorescence, presenting an appearance which has
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great majority of which are reproduced from drawings and
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Esq., of Chelsea, was commissioned as Lt. Col. on the 20th of Au-
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patient's head well back so as to let it run over the velum. For examina-
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Dr. J. Matthews Duncan, of Edinburgh, gives the next arti-
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frequent occurrence of pseudarthrosis in the child's broken
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•Chairman, Department of Neurology, University of Ala-
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was found in the frequent absence of lymphangitis in the pri-
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cure apparently took place after a surgical injury. The
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of the remainder of the brain was carefully examined,
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fate differs from that of nitrogen and carbon, which are eliminated from
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price they are very desirable, mostly for their Nitrogen, but some-
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end of the \ ■< ar t tie children w ei • .\|,
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neiforme; estirpazione totale dell' aatraftalo. Gazz. med.
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it would not unite across. In view of what had been said he proposed to hold
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membrane and a normal rectal wall was within reach of the
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fully and thoroughly studied in the early stages. I tliink another waj'
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foci of mononuclear leukocytes scattered throughout cortex and at base of
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for it, is often a matter of dispute and speculation even
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spring-knife of the latter, the hollow tubes used by Wakley for ure-
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a piece of ice for the cure of an inflamed throat and the
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tumour ; or, finally, to disease of the cortex of the opposite temporo-
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Packard (J. H. ) Trephining for epilepsy. Med. &
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to let the doctor down by telling the patient that what he has recom-
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ule " and also a more elaborate chronological synopsis of
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In the literature of the subject the determining causes of polio-
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especially to occur when habitual sexual intercourse is, from any cause,
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be placed higher rather than lower. Conversely, Alex-
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fibers intermingle: The latter are tubular, being derived from
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proof of the superior ardour of the surgeons, and the conse-
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ance, softish consistence, and on being squeezed, a small quantity of fluid, resembling
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is another, but ill-defined group of heat-stroke cases
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of the Jarger articles are those on Face, Fever, Foetus,
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cellular tissue, and with the handle of the knife and the
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the governor-generalship of India. I could not trace, from the re-
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Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis accompanied with Malignant Pneumonia, prevailed in Ger-
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a boy of 13, the symptoms of this affection came on sud-