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pregnancy, and the puerperal state — with perhaps the pathological con-

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soiree was made interesting by the usual microscopes and microscopic

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Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital, Dublin. — Consulting Physician —

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attended the outbreak of the attack in this patient, and might possibly

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AroTHECARiEs' Hall.— The following gentlemen passed their ex-

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relief and sanitary care of the destitute classes in districts and workhouses.

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attended a three months' course of Practical Chemistry (with Manipu-

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There were several other cases of wound of the neck and face ad-

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pressure on the inner surface of the sclerotic rises unduly, and propor-

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thought desirable to take steps to secure further provision. The Com-

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the situation is that the vesicle is liable to be irritated by the child's

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"Medicine comprises two kinds of knowledge, the theoretical and

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did not appear any \a\x tliat these .\cts woulil be put in force by those

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drawn up propositions, to which he desired to obtain the assent of the