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good health, the localized pain, constipation, vomiting often following

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Very often the treatment of this spinal lesion will be attended by a

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its two surfaces. The heart becomes hypertro^jhied in pregnancy, but

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may arise from the tubercle bacilli being deposited within the joint, or

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gins to fall, and by evening it may have fallen to nearly its normal stand-

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number of blankets to keep them warm. Allow fresh air to surround them.

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renal hypersemia. When there is reason to believe that a hemorrhagic infarc-

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forfeited. They have to proyide themselves with washing dresses, caps, and

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sary to determine the nature and amount of injury. If the surgeon

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been removed, the case will be thus changed from one of pyopneumo-

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denly into a state of coma. Uncontrollable vomiting and obstinate diar-

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mine whether the ankylosis is the result of extensive injury, such as

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which are evidences of bad health, malnutrition, etc. Generally the

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the skin is subject to irritation, eczema sometimes develops. This ec-

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mass within an anfractuous cavity, containing, also, swarms of bacteria,

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Chancre— Primary Syphilis.— Primary syphilis is the first stage in

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and as large as can be conveniently introduced into the wound. It

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of tissue from atrophy of the soft and solid structures is permanent. Re-

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obstructs the gall-duct, jaundice will occur. In addition to the pain and

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the mucous surfaces can usually be checked by astringents and cold. Bis-

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it appears on the fifth day, and remains visible until convalescence is

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peculiar whoop ceases, the expectoration is less difficult and becomes more

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deep pressure, and its intensity is usually greatest just above the umbili-

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greater effort, in order to overcome the obstruction to the blood-current

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patches develop about the collapsed lobules the dulness may have a tym-

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rows towards the surface. The layers of the tunica vaginalis, the skin.

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Diagnosis. — Laceration of the gums, blood-stained saliva, and the

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results. Persons of rheumatic and gouty tendency who have varicose

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The arm is helpless and is supported by the hand of the opposite side.

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upper dorsal region. The curvature usually extends to the right. A

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abscess cavity must be washed out daily with an antiseptic solution

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gans. Wlu-n tlu'iH' is paralysis of tho adductors, usually the jjrogno.sis is

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The signs which indicate recovery are subsidence of pain, the ajopear-

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Chancre— Primary Syphilis.— Primary syphilis is the first stage in

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any other individual muscle. The signs somewhat resemble dislocation

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