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an infectious disease. — American Journal of Diseases of Chil-
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majority of cases, is much less difficult than the study of symptoms
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became incompetent; at first she could do simple cooking, but
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above the forms of the dying and the dead. In a world where such
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ward the conception of a medical illustration in general as an
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issued stating the courses which the holder is entitled to
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ually and may involve undertaking a definite investigation.
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master in the profession, of a new diagnostic and therapeutic
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very little reason or excuse for discussing a paper
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of Science ; S. Weir Mitchell, Edward G. Janeway. William H. ■
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There is now a general interest in our movement. In order that
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banal symptoms have disappeared, but others intrude themselves
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with the fever on the 7th inst., and Dr. Thompson, a volunteer
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The individual standing of the students will not be posted,
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This course will be given to a limited number of students
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Thomas R. Boggs, M. D., Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine.
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ClarJc Bell, Esq., Chairinan of the Executive Committee of the
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ger signals indicating withdrawal of the drug. Digitalis should not
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cases of the non-plaque group of elderly subjects. Zeiss 2 mm. apochromat
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our group of recovered case as well as in the total admissions
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Ralph Charles Kahle. Burlington, la. 520 N. B(kca/y.
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the suffering poor have lost a noble and true friend, who was ever
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The administration of five grains of Cystogen three or four times
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Mr. Editor: The following letter written by the late
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rarely sufficient. Their number and frequency can be most accu-
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and learn to appreciate better what they are able to do, though their
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steady; knee jerks normal. Marked tremor of hands, tongue and
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