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difficult diagnosis between miliary tubercles and swelled follicles.

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phragm, upon contracting, causes its pars tendinea to descend, but pro-

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expiratory muscles. The higher pitch is evidently partly due,

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copious drafts of common water prepared in this manner: Two ounces of unhusked

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sorbed when the bile does not enter the intestines, and consequently

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higher than 105° F., and the frequence of the pulse rating at more than

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1 This case is not reported as one of importance in elucidating the question of

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of that institution and that when systematic measures were taken to

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organ. But, as there are also cases of leuchaemia, and even some of

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reproduce their kind, did not invite general confidence in the

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and branches. The terminations of pylephlebitis vary, and, according

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broke out in New York, near Old Slip, and was at first con-

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mitted a choice" as to whether or not they will observe hygienic laws, the

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least realized that for confinements a physician should be called, is un-

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The pneumonic process and the fever which attends it exercise an

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The statutory laws of Kew York laid equal stress on the

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work of sanitation was carried on under the military government, during^

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gree of strength, and suffer but little emaciation. 2. Secondary dis-

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over two weeks and including the rice fields, which were flooded at this

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instead of projecting, is strongly and deeply depressed. When the air

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cus, cysticus, choledochus, and the gall-bladder, are lined with a mucous

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negative results — that is to say : we hear everywhere the whispering

neomycin polymyxin b sulfates and dexamethasone ophthalmic suspension 5ml

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* Habdouin, P. L'actinomycose a Rennes ; 2 nouvelles observations. Bull. Soc.

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may be hindered by so many different causes, that the various remedies,

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are seen. Microscopically (fig. 13) the processes are longer, more slender and

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anterior of the acetabulum, with its axis directed forward and ventrad,

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especially intense hyperesthesia of the air-passages; but we cannot

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Etiology. — The gall-ducts have no contractile elements to urge

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is not inflamed, and there is usually no ascites or icterus, as neither the

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with the diagnosis of dysentery. Ten of these cases were either hospital

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scapuli, subscapular^, transversalis colli, and the intercostala. The in-

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A Text-Book of the Principles of Animal Histology. By Ulric Dahlgren, M. S.

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tissues. Attempts were made to obtain fluid from these glandular masses

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a varying degree of reddening, partially through eochymosis, and in

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those of one or other malady usually predominating. Insufficience

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longing to the liver. This appears to occur particularly in those cases

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have been brought about by the application of the induced current

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are not always the same. Sometimes the pulse is full, and the face red ;