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amount were for scientific and technical books, four hundred

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the composition of urinary gravel and tophaceous concretions, gravel

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most delicate fibrics. It is more expensive than the bichloride.

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This is the shrub that is generally designated by the term " sage

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State of the Union, in every county, city or hamlet, the imposing sign of

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pulse, never mind my heart, leave my pupil to itself, but

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My diagnosis was " Acute Influenza." I put the sick horses

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Etiology: — This is emphatically an hereditary disorder

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15 there was slight oozing from the gums and nostrils and blood was found in

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causing pressure on the brachial plexus, though a large number have

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culture showed streptococci. He grew stronger and on May 5 was sent to a

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represented by a mass of grey, granular, necrotic tissue, Avhich AA^as easily

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He continued the free use of alcoholic stimulants, as advised, for some

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of the patient had been seriously broken down or deranged. As to the

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leukocytes. In one case which died during convalescence, the marrow

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universal valve movements is used in the class room. Care-

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exposition (1875), and that it occurred more frequent-

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ests of the fair and free study of nature, we ought to

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are what are felt as a " thickening of the broad liga-

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have treated three similar cases at St. Barnabas Medical

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the clinical impressions, not on the metabolism findings. For all dates

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Britain, France, or the United States, but finally adopted throughout

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a current of from five to ten milliamperes, and sometimes anodal

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and delineated by Carswell. All the recent numerous investiga-

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experience, do well on urotropin. The symptoms are relieved,

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inflammatory, and when not called into existence by local injury,

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clear that it belongs to the family of the protozoa, — i.e., it is not

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is not in liis size and strength that we must \ —

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as he made progress with his discoveries not only of

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testines. This seldom fails to do good ; and, if the ship is allowed to

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portant kind of evidence — that of statistics — shows that, as far

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says, "thin living insures thick dying." "Thick woolen under-

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though adding to the general prostration occasioned

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breeder? Not the hard-working, practical farmer who has to get his living

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teen minutes respectively. The three tubes of bouillon