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least remain still capable of development. In the intervals between

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was passed through in a rapid stream for seven hours, at the end of which

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Apt. lOA, Brooklyn, NY 11201, telephone (718) 243-1087.

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of it ; and my observations were the basis of a lecture published in ttw

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A most important factor is the training of the family. When this is

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with a broken bone or a lacerated wound will give you the history

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tinued and frequent use of Professor Otis's instrument dur-

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the stomach, and it is likely that the nausea and gastric disturbance

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be dismissed in the absence of the meningitic tripod, of

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rare. It may disappear after some years, or may persist for a lifetime.

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right angles to its own axis, which pass in to supply the so-called basic

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to the transference of blood-pressure from the arterial to the venous side

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buttermilk which is used in the preparation of protein milk. If but-

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gestion of Barth to examine the ears of all unwell infant- >c\eral linn- dur-

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violin, whichever happens to be his instrument; a telegraph clerk cannot

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this form received from Willan the name of Strophulus albidus.

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. . . and that while up to the present time no absolutely clear and

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•idiopathic pneumonia is rarely met with ; and young teachers,

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desirability of all county medical societies that had not

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otomy was done preliminary to excising the larynx ; fortunately this was not

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Of much greater interest both from the point of view of kidney

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white or yellow powder about anus; depraved and fastid-

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etiology of these cases is obscure. Psychic influences,

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borne and the disadvantage at which the part is placed.

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Also, small year-to-year variation was found to hold

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the ears. 5 p.m. : AVorse ; more twitching of eyes and eyelids ;

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inch apart and the diameter of the abraded or scarified area should be about

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In Hutchinson's case the lesions began on the back of tlie arm and

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6. A good effect has even been observed upon colliquative diarrhoea,

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slowly. Very rarely the onset is spontaneous, probably from sudden

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mation, so much scrutiny is required to distinguish between

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testing the acidity of the blood in eclamptic women may we not take a

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normal on the third day at the appearance of the milk.

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be carried out with precision and to be better under-