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allowed to flow off, after which the patient could with
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lotion of spirits of wine and water relieves him still more. A very
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think has never been ascertained. That there is, at
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measures, is certainly able to check and even to remove the disease, when
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or the superficial reflexes may appear and disappear. But the muscles
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long after my arrival, an American bulldozer operator
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autopsies, as published by Dr. Vach^, were made by Profes-
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1895 b.— Idem. [Abstract bv A. Railliet] <Rec. de m£d. vet., Par., v. 72, 8. s.,
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after the patient is first seen — ^then, again, antitoxin should very
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and were removed at different sittings from time to time. Ten
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From what I have seen this year, I have no doubt that Wyo-
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complication. After protracted battles, such as the fighting in
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neither did I change her position on the ordinary bed she lay on; sho
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sulphate. In certain localities the last named salt is
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ciple which underlies the motions of the planets, and
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months later their average weight was 2,497 gm., an average individual
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that the intelledual faculties of many diilinguifhed
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their respective nationalities. The committees will
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becomes chyle and is then read}- for absorption by the absorbents, the
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tion of breathing and interference with the heart's action.
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kitchen of the asylum, just as the dinner was beii^ served —
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breech was felt above the internal os in E.S.A. position.
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in adult life long after all traces of the original stutter have disappeared.
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The pidse early shows irregularity, a symptom present with such
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cells which are seen on a cut loaf of bread. The eye can even
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human medicine is open to serious question. The de-
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and to supply the necessary energy for its operations
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sounding the ground, and, at the same time, of avoiding obstacles
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fourth and fifth intercostal spaces. For some time symptoms may
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leather substances are injured by steam or boiling water. The ad-