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bronchitis, and arteritis constitute a specific syphiHtic patholog>^

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cial resemblance to each other in that they both have a distinct

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gradually in severity, he lost in weight and strength, and was

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Diarrhoea is often controlled by a starchy diet, with milk sterilised by

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they may serve to make patients believe that they have organic

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teriorly is to do violence to the soft pelvic tissues ; and this is

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1 :40 and Q fever titers of 1 :/5 are sometimes obtained in such

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of concentrated sulfuric acid, with stirring, and dilute

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(3) The rabbit is the laboratory animal generally used for

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Picric acid may be remembered better perhaps if I call it a

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ganisms may be either gram-positive, gram-negative, or

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seem to show that the success of the x-ray treatment of these

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Very well ; but can the world be expected to accept only our one-

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fever in that locality at that time of the year; this indication as

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ear. The diagnosis of " Traumatic Aneurism of the Femoral

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dinn's fluid (56° C.) for 12 minutes. Remove slide to jar con-

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these should stand as a warning against the excessive use of in-

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cells have a round or kidney-shaped nucleus and abundant protoplasm, and are

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can hardly be less than that of James. Now, suppose that

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than in the past, to what medical college they refer students who

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Serologic methods are satisfactory for the routine diagnosis of

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patients should have greater freedom in communicating with

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