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by availing ourselves of the opportunity we are able to obtain
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In closing permit me to say, "there is a turning point in the
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mons Briggs and Dr. A. G. Howard. The merits of the conservation and
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Dr. Campbell moved, seconded by Dr. Geikie, that Thomas Wasson be appointed
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therapeutic side which seemed of sufficient interest to warrant
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report or other matter to which it was intended to refer, it shall be his duty to rule it out of
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calling his attention to some abuse there, and when he is travelling in that direction he
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tive history, but giving birth to syphilitic babes, have shown de-
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him in submitting voluntarily to anti-typhoid vaccination.
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glial and vascular elements obtrude, are stained blue, the nuclear
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These consist of sudden attacks of severe "gastric pain," oc-
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and to express my great appreciation of the courtesy of this great
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favorably on the use of Romer's pneumococcus serum in a limited
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improve the condition of the stomach for the reception of nourishment.
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vaccinated successfully within five years, and the number of cases
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Toronto; Assistant Physician to St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto;
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The test of a theory in the practice of medicine or surgery
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practice of medicine or the practice of healing, or to interfere with the
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Now, therefore, the Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario enacts
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this is equally great ; and to my mind it is time this Council considered this matter, I
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About the third day after this, all pains left ; temperature 101 at
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tion and the quicker it will appear. Also, the reaction is more
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this time the patient's mind was well collected and oriented. He could
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was entire loss of the word sense with complete agraphia and alexia, inability
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Frequently the symptoms due to flat or pronated feet are first
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fective bacteria are in the blood stream, further inoculations with vaccines
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I say. What is the use of an Act, if that statement is true which says, " The College of
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At present we are laboring under the great difficulty of not
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pitch-blend; a series of provings of radium-bromide; and several
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banquet, which was held at the Bellevue-Stratford at 6.30 in the evening,
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ures, legal enactments, all that science and altruism can suggest.
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