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is never a pure product containing only per cent of pure guaiacol. The

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have never met with this form of persistent pruriginous varicella or

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the object of the operation be to prolong life or to re

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modern physiologists follow Heidenhain in regarding it as the result of

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dangerous plants contains an active alkaloid solanine which de

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amount of direct sunlight and sunheat and more than average windi

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lowed increasing experience in abdominal surgery is the almost

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All these signs are invariably absent in hysterical

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published the reports of cases. Of these patients died from the

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may take half a tablespoonful every hour or two under two years a

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Such instances of various opinions might be multiplied indefinitely.

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degenerated into a sort of semi free dispensary he will

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but. he had fell thefirsl symptoms of the complainl gt i months previously.

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opacity in some cases took place to the destruction of vision

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which had been preceded by violent pain in the right cheek

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by which the State Board of Health might reduce them. It organ

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A last point advanced was that whereas small pox inoculation left

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by a peculiar physical action on the fats and intes

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numbers of sitting and lying cases can be bathed with

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and stay there till they die which averages six or eight months

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strychnine were injected which were known from extensive pre

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and should not only encourage the men in this service to make

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appeared to me that those nurses are most likely to produce

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indicate that certain provisions of the regulations would not be accepta

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fearful that I already have taken up too much time by explaining

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that I felt sure it was a serious case of disease and expressed

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from observations on sixty cases are as follows i. The

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For when iodide of potassium is administered internally it can

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within the hour. But many carriage horses cannot do

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borate of soda and boracic acid formerly termed Sal sedativus Horn

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of the worm. Occasionally however in the United States the

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higher than it is in the districts of fine residences

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clusters sometimes these bunches are more or less S shaped.

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blades of unnecessary grass grow where but one had a feeble

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felt by the animals in my experiments when the system was drained of

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cases applicable to any stage of the disease. In the first place