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solid at a much higher temperature about C. This means

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remain open for four years finally closing after the

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vaso motor symptoms. The contracture persisted till a late stage

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in which the drug habit may be treated viz the gradual

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most often the appropriate medicines. Bromide of potassium is some

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had an hereditary tendency toward cancerous disease. My

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At the present time the further steps in the practical

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are not nearly so severe and in slow wasting the slowness of the

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work in the hands of the several state associations to com

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from various chronic diseases. Cooperating groups include Walter Reed

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such conferences as those held at the three meetings in ques

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proportions are in use. Sometimes a small quantity of ethe

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extra cellular and which so far as my experience goes are not

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at the low price of. make it Ja desirable investment

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quently tile druggist in order to preserve his own rejju

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there is moderate enlargement of the spleen and a general hyperplasia of the

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It is alleged that Jenner s first hope that vaccination would be an

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growth is again expansive. These distinctions so important

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in reinserting the tube which I found to be necessary. The

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being compKcated with the common diphtheritic sign

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child was to be drawn naked nine times over the back

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foot bath wis given the morning following its use when serious

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one or two weeks. At the end of this time the asthenic condition

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Clinical Examination of the Blood and its Technique. A

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endeavour in a few words to bring the most important of them

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rials in the blood which arises from high feeding and want

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organisation of the country is to fulfil its purpose the administrators local and

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bile from the intestine favors gaseous distention of the bowel. The

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ished in. See Dr. Scheib s article on the Early Luth

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plasia of the bone marrow with subperiosteal infiltrations and tumor like

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a period after coma and convulsions have appeared. The

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physician or the local health department will have current

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temperature. Under this view it was difficult to explain their pres