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kidney is not functionating, as can be demonstrated by catheter-

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suitable remedies can take effect. Cocain simulates strychnin in its

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ence, not merely theorizing, and that his statements are based upon that

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ingestion of any more alcohol and to allow the patient to sleep until the

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at least every six hours until improvement is seen). Stintzing states

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of the left kidney, from pressure upon the ureter (Fitz). Marasmus

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(glosso-pharyngeal). producing chronic bulbar paralysis, as already

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The paroxysm usually comes on in the night during sleep, and at a

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retraction of head, and on second day paralysis of both upper

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low specific gravity. The jcolor is light-yellow or grayish. On micro-

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Course and JPrognosis. — The course is mild and ends in about

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Ordinarily the recognition of pericarditis by the characteristic triangular