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patient is operated on early he is very likely to develop a temperature

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•education at a neighbouring school, and having been duly

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aid; for it enables us to recognise to which period

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them, but if they seek now to leave us no field in which

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RET proto-oncogene containing the hot-spot regions can

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126, scarlet-fever 51, di.Trrhteal diseases 2M, typbus fever 23,

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at Chateaudun, three venders of a quack medicine were condemned in

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among the better class addicted to immoderate indulgence in drink, to

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Although closely simulating bruises or marks of violence during life, a slight

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very large blepharoplast. Dividing forms are never seen in the blood.

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liver and the diaphragm. Such adhesions Dr. J. has rarely, if ever, observed

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dread of the pain or because he relies on the presence of the hair to

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carbonic acid gas, which is what becomes so unpleasantly perceptible on entering

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decreasing so niucli that No. is to be turned into a surgical hospital, and

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omicida epilettico. Arch, di psichiat. [etc.], Torino, 1891,

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saline solution, which in turn should be followed by

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position during the examination, with the limbs drawn up, breathing regularly,

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the far-sighted generosity displayed by the founder of

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which it may be conveyed long distances, and by means of the healthy.

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pause of ten days; meanwhile and for fifteen succes-

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Animal parasites, or fragments of them, are very rarely found in

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i-iCOOJOJi-ti-i 1-1 CO'-«'~'l> i-i-^Oi-t C^ <ML-i-l

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he would sometimes say sacoji, sacon, — probably an abbreviation of the oath

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their extension by means of quarantine and sanitary cordons have failed, and we

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use in medicine. Yery inferior kinds, however, would be interpreted to be

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metamorphoses of albuminous substances which by their decom-

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Still Born and Premature Births in the City of New York. — The

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From the foregoing description it will be seen that the patho-

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obtained? Moreover, our problem is not that of a single ward or

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was correct or not, deserves some consideration as an

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included in these vessels, receives a simultaneous impulse in

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Causation. Heredity. Direct heredity can rarely be traced, though

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sion sent to Marseilles has made an elaborate report of

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They are occasionally found partially burnt, but this is not a frequent occur-

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of reflex irritation. If opposing muscles under all condi-

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by a course of the iodide, Nor is it at all strange,

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