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extremities. Digestion is tardily performed, and the secretions are very

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period. In all there was induration of the submaxillary

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The pathological relations of an abnormal diminution of the quantity

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{Archives of Ophthalmology and Otology ^ vol. i. No. 1, New York, 1869.)

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proving fatal, usually, from the fifth to the tenth day; and, at no time, were

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the heat rays, a proportion reach the retina, about 12 per cent,

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sia. The patient not unfrequently lost the sense of taste on the same side as the

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results must be adequate, that goes without saying.

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both diseases. He carefully examined that house, and found that all the

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mation begins at a certain point, or at several distinct points, and extends

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The protocol currently being followed by the NCI/ACS

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more sti iking cases should have been selected from the many with

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E. W. Taylor, while fully recognising that pigmentation of cells

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cites experiments to show that the rate of blood flow, and not

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felt over a large portion of the anterior surface of the

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small aneurism of the iliac artery. The pelvic tumor

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took four small phials of the tincture, without experiencing

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the most common is disease in one or more of its valves. In this case,

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soon closed. As tifie swelling about the tumour disappeared

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brain was hardened and the situation of the tumor was found to be

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degree, not even vomiting brings entire relief, and the

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through the entire extent of the large area covered by

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Hysteria. 72. ALBERT. Gaz. de h6p. Par. 1895, Ixviii. p. 262. 73. AUCHE.

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they are individually large, are infrequent and are properly

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alarm. We need only to contrast the much less likely to be a source of infection

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18 per cent, slight coatings; in 67 per cent, there was none. He

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meatus. Here, at an early stage, when there is swelling of the

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intracellular multiplication have been completed and a new attack on

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This certainly was one of the most interesting meetings of

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sources, but the existence of which is absolutely certain, and consti-

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Medicaid probings continue in Alabama by members of a legislative subcommittee. The biggest

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companies against certain physicians or the hospitals

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viduals on exposure to cold, mental excitement, etc.

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Case V. — John O'N ; Irish ; married ; aged fifty-

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veuoso dfir orbita. Gior. d. Ass. iiapol. di nied. e nat ,

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rendered impure by the presence of neutral salts and earths. The

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