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fact that under certain nervous influences the heart may become
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Clinic of Dr. Edward J. G. Beardsley, Jefferson Hospital
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always obtained, when the test dose is injected in the same situation as
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carefully read by the superintendent or some officer ; now sup-
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is present (such as the alkaline picrate in creatinine determina-
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vealed a tumor the size of a cocoanut occupying the right lum-
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more, he finds that the lesions in the lungs are essentially the
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A Discussion of the Differential Diagnosis of a Case of Spinal Tumor 1799
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(1) Morphology. In the tissues this species is a very small
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from a paper entitled "The Nature and Management of Chorea
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uates. The case of "epidural intraspinal tumor of two years' duration;
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steadily increased in size. Eight or ten years ago he had reten-
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extension along a vein, producing a spreading thrombosis and suppuration
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For several years he has been troubled with ischuria, which
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State to take means to perpetuate its citizenship in an improved
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infections do not seem to be any more common — or more specific
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course of the malady." Coming from the source it did, this
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work. The business man who has been strugghng for years to
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this discrimination in their employment contributes to the cure,
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injection plus an intraperitoneal inoculation of 1,000 units of
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At the end of twelve or eighteen hours the diphtheria colonies appear as
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food-poisoning are most frequently associated with them. Accom-
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To prevent coagulation add 1 ml of this solution to 10 ml of
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appears that in Switzerland cattle are occasionally affected with what seems
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Body, medium size, emaciated ; skin, yellowish ; face pinched ;
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advised " every hour or half-hour, according to the severity of the
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sporadic cases, or as localised epidemics, and an efficient system of
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BRUCE, J. MITCHELL, M.A., M.D., LL.D., F.R.C.P., Physician to Charing
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apparently local malady of sore hands were observed to escape smallpox.
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stage is slightly reduced. The proper amount of light may be
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