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tariff on wool. It is bad enough to fear Australia, with

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itself everywhere before it came under the ban. It is even

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Milner, Teresa Ann. Associate Professor of Neuroscience.

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the different qualities of objects. They are like the labels

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bath or, as it is termed, to "dip" them. In order to accomplish this

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occasional respite from the incessant blows of hostile

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its increased elaboration from the nutriment taken, in order to counteract

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and the ' Bearer's Dressing-Case.' These articles are included in

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tion who has recovered from typhoid fever, although it does not appear that

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in the stomach to he neutraliKed by the gastric juice. Or

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in marshes, which is most pernicious, and which acts almost exclusively by producing

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Frequent and abundant on the Laramie Plains; June 12, 1894

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physicians of Mentone, he claimed that the failures

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not yet seen any reports of cases showing that there is an

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ii. p. 93. — 19. Hecker. Geschichte der neueren Heilkunde. Berlin, 1839. — 20.

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no place in his system. In his Lectures, in 1859, he said: — ^* The

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y>jrt7T/iea.— Acute, 55; convalescent, 42; with malaria, 14; with

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urinary secretion is diminished or entirely suppressed ; the

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The gas prepared from steam and charcoal, is observed to become

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Lochortus Qunnisoni, Wats. Bot. King's Exp. 348 (1871).

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which, exhibited throughout the course of an infection, may account

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here there is generally a fetid rectal discharge, which is very

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same change is also effected through the agency of di-

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and lobar pneumonia do not justify the use of this plan of treatment.

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complaints by good observers that the last ten years have been character-

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of her for six months, when her husband, a Southern

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able loss of blood, the patient made a good recovery

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was 9.1 for the whole and 113.4 per thousand births, for the infants.

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pain, with great distention. The pain was not controlled

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greatlj/ adulterated. This is the reason why more cures are

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could, to play his part. He was especially devoted to his State