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Further, the line of demarcation between mental and nervous

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being a disease per se, separate and distinct from other

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whole of its course it is closely attached. The ileum two inches

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phenomenon of ^' delayed conduction of sensation " studied in Case I.

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be arrested for a long time. In any of these conditions,

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would be unnecessary. A copy of this digest is sub-

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In his : Ges. Beitr. z. Physiol., 8°. Lausanne, 1890, iii, 235-

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by subluxation of vertebrae, or contraction of muscles in re-

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ing electrolytes, colloids, and many amphoteric substances and practically

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The Section on Biology was less fully attended than might have been ex-

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of the uterus that are not cystic he has gotten results almost similar to

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able criticism, and it would seem advisable for it to go very slowly

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in place in a work of this kind. The next illustration is entitled Mercurial

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most valuable. In these I have found it superior to any

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Acute SerO' Fibrinous Pleurisy in the Horse, Pleuritis, 319

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Africa and in England, suffered from a severe attack

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Doctor Moore has reached that delightful period in life where he has

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cases are not parallel in any particular. ... To try and

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sunk into anaemia ; ana}mia so extreme and so protracted, that

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Williamson, not only the notice of the various lite-

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Nerve-Stretching, by J. G. Carpenter, M. D., Stanford; The Leucocytes in Diseases of

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far as the true tuberculous nature of a lesion is concerned, since they

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order of the undersigned. When neither is accessible, remit-

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ous portions of the heart possess this automatic power, as Keith^ and

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tortion and narrowing was such that no operative at-

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Synonym. — Lunar caustic, lapis infernalis, azotas (nitras)

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lachrymation are well marked, vascular keratitis is usually present, and then

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the inflammation is of so mild a grade as to make it

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on that particular day vaccinated those two children, taking lymph from the arm

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In a vast majority of cases they get well without an

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conditions are identical in nature as well as appearance — that they

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this remedy should be carefully shunned, unless on urgent occa-

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