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cated. In gynaecological cases the rubber bulb syringe is preferred by
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pounds' pressure; and the fan douche, five seconds at 85° F., and not
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at evening exacerbations of temperature (100.5° F. — 38° C). Sub-
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cases — one in which the mitral, and another in which the tricuspid, valve
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teristic rash appears, and is, as a rule, first seen on the neck ; there is no
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and pulmonary abscess, pyemia secondary to the latter, broncho-pneu-
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vated at the same time, and that much-dreaded germ of teta-
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easy a cheap and indolent method of preparing food. It has
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place among like societies in the United States has always
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cious application of water, carefully observed by the medical attendant
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had one case which was isolated as measles, but never developed any
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■week, and until the efflorescence has nearly faded and the desquamation
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child may be doing well, possibly sitting up in bed and playing with its
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upon, while the petechise do not. It is chiefly in the milder grades of
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the work was passing through the press, and to Dr. A. M. Davis for
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preparations now are really artistic and beautiful to look at,
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The blood is dark, and many of the red corpuscles, having disorganized,
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(causing hoarseness), the trachea and bronchi (causing bronchitis). This
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I have for several years been able to place considerable value on the
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been recorded in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, i in the
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coat; where, if it is too hot in the sun it is too cool in the
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hand, frequently dipped in the water, over the successive parts of the
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circulation, hip baths of five or eight minutes, in water at 85° F->
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passion, still sheds a brilliant lustre from its pages. The Call
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no stimulating drinks were allowed ; and the patient was put upon a diet con-
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speak of a sweet or a dry sherry. We speak of champagne
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not be practised as a special and distinct method."
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There are several native Delaware and Eastern Shore of
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heating a protective dressing is appHed and immediate use of
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strong, curb it. Do not eat richly and drink generously and
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Prognosis. — The prognosis is graver than in the catarrhal va-
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procedures is due to the increased breaking up of phosphorus-contain-
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from 12,000 to 38,800, or an average of 25,400. In only two
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battery-room, the air must be very highly charged with ozone.