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The sick room should be disinfected in the manner customary after the
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entific treatment of uterine diseases. In the one class we see
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and he had previously had two other but much less severe attacks. The
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shall be required to pay to the College the sum of two guineas
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parent or grandparent. This seems a much larger percentage than
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ing of a tuberculous bladder will not appeal to most
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quency often times at night. Cystoscopic examination. Chronic hyper
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decidedly in favor of ether as the safer agent. The primary effect of
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and the firmest eyes cannot bear to behold so hideous a sight
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From many of the foregoing symptoms it is possible
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writings on this subject are chiefly confined to the
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milk soups and broth. When the fever has subsided a gradual return to
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endeavour to make a correct diagnosis and once the disease is diagnosed we
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