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above all things to meet the causal indication. When the palsy has
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* Williams, W. L. Actinomycosis in relation to meat inspection. J. Com p.
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designated as serum X and that derived from the bullocks in series Y
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most women who are habitually constipated, there is hyperemia of the
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Schxeidemuhl, Geobg. Ueber Strahlenpilzerkrankungen bei Mensch und Tier.
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then find the pulmonary substance solidified and void of air, in conse-
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this disease in modern thereapy is the bacteriologic one.
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however, by augmentation of its muscular substance, but through a
plaquenil side effects liver
sive employment. By far the most certain and useful remedy is opium,
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of briefer duration than the other symptoms of pneumonia. Perhaps
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affection des gesammt organismus darstellt," but an impoverishment of
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it teems quite probable that a diminution of the inclination to cough
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culated bronchus. In the former, the coughs follow with short inter-
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dilatation, to the great detriment of the patient Nevertheless, it
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hemorrhagic infarction, which occurs from disease of the heart, and the
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we should err greatly in supposing that disease of the mitral valve is
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which contains characteristic granules of 'drusen' composed of dense aggregates
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by repeated examinations or by inoculation; no ova were present in the
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supervention of a catarrhal pneumonia upon a catarrhal bronchitis.
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fields developed. Excellent transportation facilities by railway and
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as in cases of invasion of the pulmonary vesicles by acute catarrh of
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out the whole organ, and it is a characteristic of this variety, when re-
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unto Himseli" the soul of owv departed friend, associate, and professional
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guinea-pig serum less frequently, and rabbit serum still less. If the
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find in the liver numerous deposits of pus, which surround the portal
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Rat2 (immune to African 5)_ __.: Rat 6 (infected with African .S)
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habits," also, such as are common to students and persons of certain
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the formation of sugar in the liver, or on the arrest of some other un-
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Notes on Palliative Treatment of Elephantiasis. Journ. Trop. Med. <£ Hug.
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extend below the ribs, and, even when it does, may escape detection
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* Fbeytao, G. W. Beitrage z. Aetiol. d. Aktinomykose. Dissert., Mtinchen, 1901.
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distinguished from those where it becomes diseased The symptoms
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celebrated. We will not undertake to say whether they have any in-
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nized. Foreign bodies exciting the inflammation are to be removed
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injury to the mother of such child, wliich would be murder if
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treatment. Apart from the constantly-repeated provocations which
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litic hepatitis leading to diffuse induration, and a third form called by
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rarer occurrence. Simple blueness of the face need not lead us to fear
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Sames, Theodob. Zur Kenntniss der bei hbherer temperatur wachsenden Bak-
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the digestion, as are also the cough-bonbons and caramels, in spite of
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The pleasure and profit derived from^the perusal of Dr.
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•hall not eat dry food," is wrong. It is better that it should chew and