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Med, and Surg, Reporter, With this, let us bly our esteemed correspondent was in error.

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(rigor), followed by high fever, 105.8° F.; is accompanied by headache,

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Failure of proof of bacterial origin led to search for some

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the severity of the disease is in proportion to the abundance of the rash.

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any deposit of pus, but with necrosis of both clavicles and

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Ernest F. Ruppe. I took them on the twenty-fifth day,

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gence, et de toute explication relativement a ses causes et a ses symptomes,

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Con.sumption," case 89, p. 240. It was that of a young lady,

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and prazosin without evidence of clinically significant adverse interactions Agents Increasing Serum Potassium

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unceasing watchfulness, I consider it very unfavorable. There

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nucleus, vacuolar condition of the cell, atrophy of the cell and of its prolonga-

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about sixty hours after injection. The gross lesions were slight;

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of the patients there treated. Along this line he comes

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pinch of sugar, and let the whole gently simmer for a couple of

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Stiles notes that heavy Ascaris infections may give rather similar

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exhibits the sequelae as well as the symptoms of the disease. Sir James

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