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marked clinical features. Pirogofli s classification is doubtless of clinical

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death rates in excess of. In nine cases the rate exceeded

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judged to have read the best essays before the Society. A fourth prize

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of blood tbat it contains and this again depends upon

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We will write a prescription for a mixture containing

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the larynx as the organ of sound abolished respiration goes on when the

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The nucleus cardiacus nervi vagi and the three distinct types of

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regard to the influence exerted by these foetal movements in pro

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of the tubercle bacillus was dissolved in the body of the caterpillar.

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we should occasionally ask ourselves whether our corpo

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be stated in brief. The great extent of the respiratory

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If the soft weak rapid pulse bespeaks already existing

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Died at Flushing Long Island on the th of May aged forty

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the peripheral branches of the facial nerve produced by any cause that

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demned de fenerates. everv man who. to avoid their errors

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ever to physicians nor any ethical right of assertion. Hence

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eliminated in the urine as carbonates that one should be

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intra uterine galvanic treatment would shortly present a

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chloroform. Its solubility in absolute alcohol at I C. is

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to think nor need it be limited to one method. From

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The occurrence of pulmonary consumption is sometimes attended

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tent. It was interesting to observe how the gallant

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medical colleges having standards equal to those of the College of Medicine of

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partly filled with blood. The right kidney was of one third the

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even a small quantity to c.c. causes a deterioration in quality

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spinalis but palsies arising from the brain are less common

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cision a lino lateral to that recommended by Langenbuch for

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to the head of the radius with or without the development of a

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Transactions of the Massachusetts Medico Legal Society. Volume

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ture and they therefore conclude that this region contains

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made with a chisel through the inferior wall of the sinus. Having

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fore been compiled. The labor of the undertaking has been great

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whom suffer from habitual constipation which is probably due

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so called agglutination test for glanders is a fairly reliable

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der the sign Taurus. It opens cures and digests humours

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