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ating distinct products from the surrounding nutritive materials, and as this power '^

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took in 2,750 cc. with a consequent marked rise in volume which was

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disease are: (1) The disapi)earaMce of the character-

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ing to this class is a worm called anchyhstoma, or sclerostoma duodenale,

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complete knowledge of flora of the throat in any particular case. It had been

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this special, and, I fear, too commonly-neglected cause of mischief.

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remarkable uniformity of course ; usually there first

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child, and the incessant motion of the eye, render it frequently very

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a trustworthy and speedy cure for sick-headache, a " bad

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refer to it as a most excellent medicine for not a few cases of

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lay over the course of the coronary vessels, but the large

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station is closed the list will be sent at once to the division surgeon.

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five hours after decease. The ovaria, I ought to have mentioned, re-

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figures point toward the Alexander as the preferable

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of rubeola, with nothing remarkable, except considerable tenderness

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tiply freely even in the adult, and are always active — as they are

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be quite satisfied, for the poison is almost eliminated, and severe complica-

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means dictated by the above principle, cannot destroy a precept so

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great object is to sufHciently pulverize the stone and

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inside the leg, and a little heat may be detected. Feel for it with

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been greatly improved, but this great nation cannot afford to

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Secondly, there is the danger that (the pericardium having become

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tion of Beale's (Urine; Urinary Deposits, ^c. London, 1864), my enter-

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the lower limbs are the first to regain their lost power and sensi-

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vasion from the mouth, including the digestive tract. Even

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dry in the one; the southeast, hot and damp in the more southern section.

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younger cases. The duration is variable ; it may be a few months, or one

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Midwifery, Royal College of Physicians, Ireland, etc., etc. ; with the assist-

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should be considered as a danger-signal, and the child should be

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