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be read by all who are interested in those subjects as models of literary

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the number to forty-six, and he claims that " forty-three out of the forty-

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goods were ever to occur among them, even if not fatal or serious,

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me, as to most other surgeons, it had ceased to be regarded

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entirely to the advocacy of Hunter, and, regarded in the light of his

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— which varies with species — that the respiratory

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the function and purpose of the Medical Department of our Aviation

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along the lymphatic channels which surround the blood-vessels. I believe

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Local Government Board suggested to the Pub He Health

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obtained in cats, the animals surviving many months. These results

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abundance of nutritious and easily digestible and assimilable food, calm and

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varieties were very mild, and yielded readily to the use of anti-periodic reme-

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of movement. Double images can never be obtained. It is possible

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cheek is not often the seat of the disease. In a case of Kaposi's, the trouble

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» Zenker, Tageblatt d. 47te Versammlung deutsches Naturforclier.

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long these should be mentioned glyeuronic acid, pyro-

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stretched muscle, which is, nevertheless, intrinsically sound. In

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lic places, sexual and alcoholic excesses are common, and so

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the point of chief interest related to the right patella,

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but after its functional character was determined, the man was

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1 am beginning to believe that the Mcndelian law of inheritance

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opposite side from that on which the tumor was situated.

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Adoiescence and Early Adult Life, Bull. W.H.O. 1972, 46: 371.

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is to-day the operation of choice in the large majority of cases

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It is not asserted that chlorosis is curable by means of lead

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the myelitis occurs as a sequel of a definite and well-recognised infectious

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needn’t bother to reapply. The insurer never alleged a

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repeated after a few weeks. The evening is the best time

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But to return to the treatment, the parts should be cleanly

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entering upon the scientific pursuit of medicine. An examina-

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iodine, has never been employed medicinally. M. IIuette thinks that it is a

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