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life. Local depletion and blisters are not admissible. Peritonitis not
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tissue that apparently rested on the dura mater. Three days later
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disease into action, either do not suffer therefrom, or, if they do
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without addmg the dangers of section of the sacrum.
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pure wheat bread; by suspending our law and using this
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characterize Hippocrates as a purely medical leader
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11 Lor. cit.. p. 51. ♦♦ Prus: Loc. cif., p. 49.
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of sickness, for nine days from October 28— November 14, 908.
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ening and extrusion. As the case proceeds, all of the rational signs
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more of the fluid ingested than is the case in man or dogs
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no "red water." An example may sutfice. A cow naturally
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clear, but its integrity is the object of anxiety. A first sign
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combined in his mental make-up three characters, a conscientious able
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found bleeding unequivocally advantageous. " I bled" says
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knife must be kept close to the base of the metacarpal, so as not to
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Lecturer on Tuberculosis, (ilasgow University ; Medical Superintendent,
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Fig. -4 — Postoperative left carotid angiograms in the A— I* and lateral views, showing the two metal
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fortunate dietetic effect on the intestine in this manner; the con-
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Yet many patients of fifty or sixty lead lives of considerable activity,
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xxii, 729-742. — Wentscber (J.) Zur Casuistik der oc'-
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THE preceding chapters have embraced inflammatory diseases affecting
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It is always wise to hold out hope to the patient, even if the
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temperature of 55° C, almost against the lower poles of the
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large in the abdomen ; no distinct tumor, but simply an unusual ful-
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either a very severe form of the disease or the development of a
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city no less than six principal railway companies converge. Many such
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Nervous System. — Convulsions are occasionally seen at the onset, and
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and pulmonary vessels of various animals and the portal vessels
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affected, the hair fell out, and the patient became marasmic. In these