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had been vaccinated." Exeter, St. Sidwell — " Scar-

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1829, part ii. p. 317. This paper has a peculiar in-

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desire of the Council to secure a full qualification for

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published in these pages — Professor Bennett gfves

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Digitaline ; The History of A^an-PIelmont's ^Medical

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Perforation of the palate had taken place, and some

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Sweetman, Stephen, Esq., Assistant-Surg., to Greenwich Hospital.

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The whole passage is full of his peculiar humour and sense.

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a diluted acid, is transformed, at a certain temperature, first into

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Satdroat St. Thomas's, 1 p..m. — St. Bartholomew's, 1.30 p.m. —

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sarily more limited than my own. I have inspected several

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which I operated. In the second of these cases, the

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oculo-motor nerve. (Bull. Gener. de Thcr., 15 Novem-

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tities of brandy : and he had been surprised at the

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of acids ; or, failing this, a careful and extended trial

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very are more liable to this disease than others, and

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of Cheltenham, to Anne SweetUud, eldest daughter of *Lancelot

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of one or two grains to the ounce of equal jjarts of

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charge is fallen into my hands lately here, will, if

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pletely paralyzed ; the extremities are of less bulk than

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THE Medical Society op London ; Mr. H. Lowndes ; Dr. John

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when he loft free from all his symptoms. His doctors

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not give a medical qualification ; but he argued that

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such a Society is no light task ; and, for men unac-

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cussion of the brain ; the process of testing the con- i

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tion having duly considered the subject remitted to

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cough ; the recent hasmoptosis ; the accession of fever from=

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to the ]''.DiT0R, 37, Great Queen St., Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C.

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Dublin Obstetrical Society some statistical retui-ns

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was scarcely necessary to remai-k that any experiment