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of the population; in the southern two-thirds of China, in 75 per cent,

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The necessity of individualization in this respect has been mentioned in

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Pediatrics. • LUCILE W. HUTAFF, M.D., Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine. Associate in Pathology, and

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much easier to repeat the operation than to restore tissue

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ever present, and its effect upon the surgical mind

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is a common precursor of a fatal termination ; so is violent, un-

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quackery and empiricism can stay its onward course. True medical

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Examination shows that the wasting is confined to the upper part

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them the instinct of chastity is undeveloped. They are the representa-

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clinical experimentation that the salicylates, and especially the salicylate of

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In arriving at a knowledge of fever by the way of analysis,

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Syphilis is, I think, justly regarded by Mr. Hutch-

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state of automatic action is apt to ensue. This is apparently due, as Dr.

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mountaineers, even after long contact with white travellers at those high

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chaotic state. Dujardin-Beaumetz and others have endeavored to divide

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neurosurgeons attach in treatment and research to the deviations