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circumstances, many practitioners, looking upon these cases as
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A New Traumaticin. — According to the Revue Internationale de Med-
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the least suggestive of septic infection, the walls,
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otherwise he will transfer such property to the nearest representa-
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104 or 104.5 F. If the onset is abrupt, there will be
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by some to be cresotic acid, and particularly paracresotic acid. This
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Scott, Herbert J., M.D., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
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1892 k.— On Entozoa. [Abstract of Linton, 1892 1, bv Ch. W. Stiles] < Am.
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entered the body with great force, traversing all the tissues, in-
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ceeded to clean out, regardless of its extent. I found
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toms of exophthalmic goiter. Her metabolism was normal and she was doing
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readily discoverable, but under circumstances when it might well
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have anything to do with a system that was in direct vio-
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been locked up , his condition being mistaken for drunkenness.
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given in pursuance of this rule ; and although it possesses an acrid
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Beneath the cuticle another crop of maculae often appears, causing a
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ment, such attitudes especially are dangerous because con-
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The greater their vitality and resisting power, the
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corum de re medica et scientia uaturali systematicus. 8°.
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meat, cannot be touched by any local authority for having
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mastoid muscle prominent. The extremely clumsy and uncouth appear-
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racter. After alternating between these two situations for several
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fixed stone, the horse may certainly fail, though if it
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interesting for the reason that 15 years previous to coming under
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passed considerable pus from her bowels, and later, vomited pus.
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pure cultivations of the clubbed bacillus, and no in-
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the particular ones, as well as the causes of the several fractures,
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their membrane, 16 or other tumor products, rather than
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be much to choose between this and Simpson's method of com-
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it, consulted six representative men of the profession
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less, efflorescent, soluble in 2.2 parts of water. Used as an astringent.
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one point anteriorly and to the right of the circumference of the
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periosteum or bone, amputation, if possible, in the contiguity of the limb, is the
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and girls who have been discharged from jail after undergoing treatment,
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