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disappeared from the back. Another more painful swelling had appeared
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with cold water. One observation of Basse's is exceedingly strange
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symptoms be absent, the disease may for some time escape recogni-
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lessened. The spleen and liver, which during the interval had some-
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as to elevate or to break through the epidermis, it usually soon dries
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The number of times which the index of one individual is
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which he would refer later, was summed up under two
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able that we have to deal with an amyloid degeneration of the kidney,
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But, through almost all Europe, the conditions for the increase and
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Table VII. shows all the cases between February 18 and
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These measures are all the more likely to be successful, the earlier
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Another important point of distinction between these
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habitation possible, and they have the first successful coitus during
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on semeiology and diagnosis. Following the example of most au-
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upon the development and degeneration of a neoplasm peculiar to this
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meninges, being the chief changes found on autopsy.
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can be laid down as to the behaviour of eosinophil, mast cells,
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these membranes such as distortion of the pupil inward and up-
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in Boston, and a very brief summary of the chief headings
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sometimes it is limited to part of the covering, and the slough has an
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eczema by local treatment, yet there will always be relapses of the
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one to another in the same experiment closely agrees in most
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served until the redness and swelling of the surrounding parts have
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saying, that the aggravation of a fever by giving the patient milk,
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The metastatic nephritis, which accompanies disease of the heart,
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(b) We have shown that spontaneous auto-inoculations
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color of pure blood ; more usually it is opaque, and of a peculiar dirty
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Encephalitis never affects the entire brain, but is always limited
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epileptics, whose disease is of long standing, who do not carry with
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sexual organs, that in the beginning the malady is rarely recognized.
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large part of the fluid, and add a little concentrated digestion
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motor nerves are in a state of medium excitement in this disease, and
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women become epileptic upon their first coitus. The presence of
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do not present any symptoms until the bladder becomes
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the voice, and, as long as the pharyngeal muscles remain sound, by the
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antrum into the nostril. Examine again, and if the nostril,
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Lees, D. B. : Treatment of acute pneumonia - - - - 439