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cation, and embodying various articles on important special
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showed by this test that they were caused sputum which comes from the mouth and
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recommend it. Again, there are the Biological Theories, among
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tion I found all of them with uncinariasis, districts. The reported cases and pub-
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tin- many evils which have resulted. worse than it already was. " The
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flexible collodion with morphine, or a solution of menthol or
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rence for the practice of syphilisation, and that when it was
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other pelvic inflauimatiou, and before her powers are
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you." And I need not enter into the confidence of the victim or
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development of a carcinoma at the base of an ulcer, with a
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of the abdominal muscles to complete the expulsion of
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reason, acquired degenerative changes and congenital nar-
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Branch:— E. Tibbits, M.B. (proposed by Mr. Prichard
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of the heart, 2 ; diarrhoea, 2 ; fever, 1 ; old age, 1 ; gangrene, 1 ; disease of the
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The diet should be plain, wholesome, and restricted to an amount required
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the dry substance of such food. They should yield 1 part of increase
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eating, there is, I believe, an entire misconception of the exact
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For two nights .she waited in hopes that the terrible pain in the ear, which
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but the local condition must be treated on its merits as if it were
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while the liability to variation of a similar symptom in different
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houses, and particularly beds and furniture, plague is often
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for the incidence in nonvaccinated individuals could not
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Peabody spoke highly of the services of Dr. Vandervoort, who
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1899. White, Chables Pebcival, M.B., 22, Cadogan-gardens, S.W.
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lages, and far below most city death rates. The low
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but one case of the entire number has Uiere been any re-
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(mid-twelfth C.) argued that physical consummation is required to seal
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bakers, housemaids, sailors, gardeners and outdoor laborers.
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The above short notes of three cases will, I think,
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pains are worse at night, and by the study of the blood and
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pale pink hue, closely resembling the wheals arising
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nausea, vomiting, and dyspnea were due to the position