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entire ignorance. I have personally seen no proofs of its contagious-
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the neck of the bladder, just above the urethra, is the
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without expressly indicating the fact, in the following order, namely :
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breast, only 18 per cent, were of a non-malignant character.
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fast bacilli, growth resulting after heating the bacilli for thirty minutes
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invasion of the cervical portion (that portion situated in the neck),
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blade exactly opposite to the first, so that if the first blade is
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borhood of this organ, indicates that there was no leakage of
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plantaires et dans quelques duties formes de lesions tro-
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on account of its mobility, also that it was malignant because it was
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gestion at this time were perfect. The overwork brought
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chronic gonorrh(ea. The same observer states that mercurial inunction
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We occasionally hear of instances of extraordinary precocity ; but the develop-
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])lication. No anaesthesia was tricel ; but the skin
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tricity to the exclusion of other methods, therefore,
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some, will be conveyed to the town in any desirable
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when a Chinese official addressed a letter "To the Most
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able doctor, telling him of the sickness and need of some poor friendless
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miliary in size. They are disseminated widely throughout both lungs, though
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for that purpose one of the salts of magnesium is found to be
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Generation II. — One loopful of the culture in tube 1 was transferred on
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it was absolutely impossible to lift the mass out of tlie
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plained to them his [dans, and at 6 a.m. on the 3olh ult.
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dear in the upper and lower thirds. On the fifth intercostal
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types and ancestors are not forthcoming in normal life.
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Gassa wa Y, J. M., surgeon, department letter granting leave of absence
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Beard & Rockwell. Electricity in Medicine and Surgery. Cloth, $5.50; sheep
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that the peritoneum rapidly forms very stable adhesions. The
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The Association brought the business portion of their meeting
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humility, to which was added a native gift of generalisation that flashed
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(the third species listed), of which he suggests his material may have
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materially from those of the census of 1890. According to the
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during the attack, while in a third patient an amoebic abscess developed
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