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curred in an epidemic form, and regarded it as due proba-

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toms in nephritis are really uremic, although what is clinically termed

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m a poor section. In this school there were a number of children

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also the physical methods of treatment are most serviceable and must

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statement respecting them. I have heard, this morning, in regard to

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in this case were not well marked, and there was no family-

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He then went on to speak of Mikulicz's resection and of

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of great weakness. Jan. 15th. — Though liberally supplied with stimulants, died

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a request and a resolution supporting permission for

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That usually means nothing at all ; means a spinous

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how earnestly, ceaselessly, and beneficially that Committee

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which acts consist memory; they are combined and associated to-

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epilepsy. Convulsive movements were bi-lateral, very

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yet unknown, it became a popular notion that the King of

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The steel bow and the metal piece on the shoulder-cap both rotate so that

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branifonn layer, which at first is closely agglutinated to the mucous sur-

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on the eighth day one crescent was found and the third

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Wedkesdat... St. Mary's, 1 p.m. — Middlesex, 1 p.m. — TJniTersity

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had been nearly all extracted, and the animal continued to secrete milk

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Even an atheist, if there had heen one present, must have trembled, and

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quadrant, near the pupillary border, was embedded a

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who has shown me in practice how the method can be made perfectly

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phigus, the profound alterations in cutaneous sensibility, especially in

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cers and who are not ; in which we shall not ask from

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milk food, attempts are made to be rid of this hard

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galvanic current locally applied was practically infallible. The

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tion has begun, too many of us will as hastily deny its existence.

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discover the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus in many cases, when the

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The third stage, in which the most extensive changes are to

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the temperature 99° ; the lochia reappearing, and with-

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Nervous Phenomena. — The following are sometimes ob-

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continually reaching for goods on high shelves; sewing girls running

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more ready to believe pleasing fictions, than disagree-

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losa. Authorities ditTer as to the specificity of the lesion,

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The specific medicines employed to combat the urethritis are

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sorbed. The aetiology of this complication is obscure, as it ap-

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a number of dogs were inoculated with the well-known infective granuloma

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more than at the corresponding period of last year. New

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pital Service may again issue the regulations in ques-