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of the calves and the weight of food taken were recorded. Dean
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tion of tbis phenomenon was found in the fact that the
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We sometimes avail ourselves of this substitutive action by
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them in ways that are sufficiently radical to be worthwhile.
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personal habits clothing the locality and construction of houses
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be injected beneath the vaseline plug by means of a syringe and the
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sideration after cutting the stricture which has caused the trouble
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have been scaled from flints and formed to suit war
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fit him for the more difficult task that is before him if
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eruption also appears commonly along the friction lines of the cloth
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nate fatally in the course of a few hours may sometimes occasion doubt
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the ventriculo aortic orifice adherent pericardium and a large heart. On the
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diseased conditions of the coats of the stomach. The free use of ardent
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of the orbicularis oris which is indispensable for the pronunciation of the
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ary schools of the state anually furnish a supply of inexperienc
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etc. but in the interim I referred her to Dr. Bloom who
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copious mucous secretion which lines the walls of the stomach and inter
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tion can only be disclosed by a review panel either state
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starts happen in particular when the patient is taken by surprise or when
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ing condition as he found him this night. Owner stated that
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The invasion of England by Cattle Plague from which
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matory character nor is it easy to explain why these should be
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ing the patient forward so as to throw the spine posterior
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in all quarters. Nevertheless it is not always easy to perceive the manner
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same prescriptions for several years afterwards and thus
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drink F. will be useful. Chlorine itself is used by some prac
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accompained with injuries by iron or wooden pieces or explosion gas
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intemperance then to account for the great contrast between the sta
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confirmatory of Grolgi s theory of different parasites
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general discussion of the symptoms treatment prognosis etc.
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one of which occurred under his own observation. A young and
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of the vascular apparatus and the capillaries could
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increase of pressure in the bloodvessels. When an apopletic seizure has
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The methods of observation are referred to at the beginning
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oil to the shade required. Used to deepen the shade
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It is then the maintenance of nerve force which we must
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removing albumin is sufficiently complete for the urea and sugar
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Visible Marks on Body Delay in Applying for Autopsy.
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the structural changes can be attributed only to the concussion or
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the other replied in the service of God and all good people.
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closing of the fingers and thumb upon the palm. The rule appears
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ring in a patient nineteen years old. About fourteen months ago
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S. Give two tablespoonsful every two or four hours pro
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after having remained two hours in the pure gastric
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Hypnotism has been found of value in a few cases. The experience
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some straight others clubbed or branched or starting from a single