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on the treatment of cancer by the cataphoresis of mercury. The
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significantly bound to plasma proteins and has a volume
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other like affections of the respiratory organs ; and in some cases it almort
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relation,” Pointe West Resort, Phoenix, Arizona. Contact: Austin
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printed from the Yearhooh of the U. S. Department of Agricul-
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•Presented to tbe Section on I'hyslology and Dietetics, at tbe
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mation, meaning thereby that it is a process established locally
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peninsulas afford the best opportunity for making the
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has hardly been borne out. We think we have seen the most positive
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and disturbances from this source were avoided. This technique in addition
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Sprague have shown that tophi contain from 12 to 13 per cent, of calcium
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it slipped out once, shortly after the operation, but was easily replaced,
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a thrill perceptible on placing the hand over the cardiac region.
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stratum lucidum, and often some of the upper cells of the rete Malpighii.^
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in this connection that the excretion of carbonic dioxide by
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The problem of the care of heart cripples in the public schools
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by Ilis Honor the Lieutenant Governor, the Council and the General
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dened and slightly cyanotic ; frothy saliva appears upon the lips ; the
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treatment of puerperal fever are known to reduce temperature, even when
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ment of patients sunlight is used in the summer, when the
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disease must of necessity be chronic only, little to refer to the kidneys. First there
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ecchymosis or abrasion, that violence has been directly applied and has caused
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of the sections, but merely a combination of emphysema
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trachea. Homicides occasionally seize the victim and
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apparently similar cuticular substance to other plants, but
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clude editors, edition, publisher and place of pub-
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years. Later in life it becomes progressively less common, though cases have
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centre is its water supply — the most potent factor as a disease-
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on the maturity or rupture of a Graafian follicle. If either factor be wanting,
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was faulty on the thorax anteriorly and posteriorly, on the ab-
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hundred and ninety woodcuts, the greater part original and made especially
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The patient, from whom the specimen comes, was a woman, aged 32,
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probenecid (benemid) is used with penicillin
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Following the earliest experiments of Feltz and Ritter,
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who will be attending the WVSMA’s Annual Meeting, a
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tive centres in the brain, and sensory side of the cord. The
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so mild that the patient does not have to keep his bed. Infre-
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Left lung normal. Tolerably copious expectorations. Respiration 28.
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To recur to the syrup of ipecacuanha, I may remark, that
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vermicularis of man, Oxyuris curvula of the horse, and Ascaris
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