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114 'Notes on a Case of Pemphigus, Particularly In Connection

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tion that cancer is due to an animal organism, a protozoon, and

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the sketch which I have presented to you of the life and character of "the

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its thirty-first annual commencement on April 4. Hon. A. B.

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the fact of individual resistance ; so soon as the influence

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2. With respect to the case of General Elliott. The doctor says, "pos-

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ity with certain natural laws, and by an account of corresponding effects in the breed-

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and we know of no rule or advice that is likely to help

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pain in the part. The tumour continued to increase until it attained its

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Cutting, Staining and Mounting, Martha Anderson, Mollne, 111.

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Dr. Hay ward then details four cases of inflammation of the hernial sac.

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varieties are practically exterminated in most thickly

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-* Martin Roux, Journal de M^decine, I. 30, p. 456.