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addition that Greek be transferred to the compulsory

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that it is the most effectual remedy that I have ever prescribed in the above

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paroxysm of fever, but without any local symptom for the first few

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obeervatioQ, the most constant and characteristic ele-

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of motion, experience and education enabling him to estimate its

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Chicago, Burlington & Quincy; the Wisconsin Central;

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and the early researches of Pasteur, Davaine, and Koch

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31. Ferguson : A case of gastrostomy. Chic. Med. Recorder, Vol.

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down of such rigid treatment as a rule. To keep a man fixed in a chair

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deg. Fahrenheit, which temperature is ^^^^ ^f attention from health experts, scant

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the liver convexity entering the area of the percussion blow is more and more ap-

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region are esi>ecially dangerous, since I am persuaded that wounds of

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and the legs are extended. Although we are unable to explain the mechan-

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and 4 P. M. in fifteen phthisical persons during the space of a month."

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discharge. They tend to increase, or they may appear to heal by the

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acid only in an alkaline medium. As the salicylic acid is eliminated

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otherwise healthy. Of six persons upon whom he operated, ^ve were said to

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forceps, the safety of mother and child demanded operative

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maximum intensity at the base ; or if, as sometimes happens, the point

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completely overthrown the ancient errors regaiding the origin «(

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admitted into the Mcath Hospital January 9, 1860. Just a

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Confining our attention exclusively to these poisonous fishes, we find that

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many foreign substances have been extracted from the

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before the two chief meals. Their exhibition is continued for a fortnight, and then

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were carrying back with me a valuable treasure. ' '

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the night, was quite bloody, so the bladder was again irrigated until

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busy, but in truth there is absolutely nothing to do.

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sip; then it (the remedy) cleanse th away all that sore.

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following year Banti 13 published an account of a patient whose

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positive diagnosb is impossible in most instances. The same thing

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found somewhat drawn after birth, and a tumor formed on the posterior part.

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When this state of deprived sense befalls any one, it is but

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from a physician who did not know the child. I think such

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children during the eight years that he was married and in habits of inter-1

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upon the course of labour, upon women in the puerperal state ?

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