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Most of the cases of albuminuria met with in assurance work fall into two

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rugse, which by unfolding permit the distension of the vagina.

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Blandin's curved needle the operation can be easily performed

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certainly not in proportion to the amount transfused. The

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the knife, which they had not had experience enough to

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uterus will prove successful in curing the eclampsia if the

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Karl Von Rue, who has had many years experience in sanitarial

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possibility of contamination and warranted a diagnosis

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liniments were used. A slight running from the ])owels having supervened,

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tioned, is practically pertinent in regard to the relation of human

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is unjustly made to fix an aUeged act of criminality on another. For further

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the intermitting charge of electric element sent to the trans-

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progress independent of pneumonia : Uotc different front miliary

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lying upon her breast or her shoulder. In this way she was naturally

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weak. Daring a short interval when he was without medicine there was a slight recurrence

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was stitched with interrupted catgut sutures to the peritoneal

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from his observations on tlte subject: 1. Very few skin dis-

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spot he had indicated I found the cap, with the sides of the

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the skin and cellular tissue, the part becomes painful, the skin

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dark red erythema, which only upon pressure discloses bright red round

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second week and the joint trouble also appeared about

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The Viscus is the most complex solid of the system, not

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tial pulmonary fibrosis. Cancer 1976; 38:1 542- 1 549

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the paths of conduction represented by a number of minute filaments

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work properly, till premature death closes the scene. On the other

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decay of these affected tracts. The microscopic appearance is

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the medical department on a new footing ; and mili-

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smaller. On opening the pulmonary artery, its valves

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Hadfield forwarded to me four small slices of aconite root, taken from the