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A MANUAL OF THE DISEASES OF INDIA. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, 5s.

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being a simple cyst. It is uncommon even in the mulatto to find that

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other disease which gave deep unconsciousness would

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uterus occurred in three cases, reported elsewhere in detail.

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morrhage, for which she took the opinions of many medical men,

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" Ma pinkie, ma pinkie, ma pinkie ! " and I regret to relate that

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It is within the memory of many of us, graybeards, when

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that there is a type of pathologic kidney in which no disturbance in

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is inflamed in mumps. Its secretions are poured out into the mouth

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jejunum and ileum, the jejunum being the upper portion which

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is drawn into a vessel and allowed to remain for a few moments. In the

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the men under his charge who had been " knocked out,"

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experience further a most marked sensation of tension of tlie skin of

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Medical Journal/ of the 3rd of February, 1866, gives a brief

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sight of the eye was still good, the power of accommodation, how-

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M.A., M.D., M.R.C.P. (LoND.), formerly Professor of the Principles and

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mann in Breslau, " Jahrbuch fiir Kinderhoilkunde," N. F., Bd. xvii (1881), S. 178.

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captured is usually uiucli lar<(er than that of males. In the